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Prices for 2 layers 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, Green Soldermask, White Legend. 4 days turnaround.

Do you really know your PCB?
We make PCB follow rules!

Material from large factory as famous brand!

Material are class A1 but NOT A2,A3,A4, NOT custom material!

Fire rating is 94V-0 absolutely!

1oz is 35um copper but not 18um or 25um on material!

All inner layer use 1oz material but NOT 18um!

Use impregnable PTH technology but NOT conducting resin in holes!

Minimum 20um copper thickness in holes but NOT 15um!

Accurate count impedance!

Engieer do DRC and optimize for each setup!

Do not add internal number on board!


There have so many tips to save cost but you do not know,
So that is you get what you pay for!